About us

Hey Babe! I'm Joselyn and the owner of De Boetiek. I’ve been married to my supportive husband, Monte, for 10 years and we have a little boy, Kash.
We live in Orange City, IA.
I decided to start De Boetiek in September 2021 because, well YOLO! One day I finally said, "I'm going for it." So here I am! We started this business in my basement, moved it into a 1979 short bus (which I love to DEATH!), and opened our Brck & Mortar February 1, 2023.
I've always been very interested in fashion (despite how you may see me at the grocery store) and want to bring trendy and affordable styles to my customers. I am so excited you found us and truly appreciate you being here and supporting my small business!