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Car Diffuser + Refill

Car Diffuser + Refill

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AVAILABLE IN 3 AMAZING SCENTS: Fresh Balsam & Cedarwood, Honey & Clove and Volcano & Island Blue 

Car Diffuser + Refill comes with:

  • Car Diffuser

  • 1oz Glass dropper bottle

  • Fragrance of choice (This will fill diffuser 3 times)

Do you want your car to smell as amazing as your home? Replace that old cardboard tree and hang one of these beautiful car diffusers from your rearview mirror. Not only do they look sophisticated, but they also smell amazing! They have a natural feel with adjustable tie, wood element, and glass container. Our refill bottles have enough fragrance oil to fill your car diffuser three times! Each refill lasts approximately 2-3+ months (depending on weather/heat/cold/how often you re-saturate). The scent is diffused through the wood cap at the top.

  • Use the dispenser cap of the refill bottle to fill your car diffuser.

  • Connect your car diffuser base and wood cap.

  • Tilt to saturate the wood cap to diffuse the new fragrance in your vehicle.

  • Tie to your review mirror. ENJOY!

To boost the scent simply tilt your diffuser once a week to saturate the wood cap - do this slowly and carefully to avoid the oil dripping on to any surface. IMMEDIATELY wipe up any spill as this can cause damage. Additional REFILLS are available!

Keep away from children and pets. Not for human consumption.

*Volcano & Island Blue -

Fresh, fruity, tropical scent you will fall in love with! Crisp watery accents combined with tropical fruits and foliage that make for the perfect summer blend. This scent will fill a large space with a lovely, fresh and fruity aroma that will last all day and make you escape to a tropical oasis!

Top: Tropical Fruits

Middle: Sugared Oranges, Lemons and Limes

Base: Lightly Exotic Mountains Greens

*Honey & Clove-

 It is so unique and one of our most popular candles. It’s such a great scent at any time of year.


Top: cinnamon bark, clove bud, lily

Middle: tobacco leaf, cassia, black dahila

Base: patchouli, sandalwood, raw sugar

*Fresh Balsam & Cedarwood-

One of your absolute favorites! This is the perfect blend of balsam with a hint of wood. It's a Christmas Tree in a candle!


Top: Fresh Balsam

Middle: Pine, Cedar 

Base: Bergamot, Woods


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